About Cheryl

aboutcherylCheryl McVey, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC #41228

There are so many ways with creativity – whether it be through dreams, art, and/or painting – to get to where it is you are trying to go. Your Creative Journey is my personal CherylMcVey-Portrait-200commitment to the process of creativity and healing in therapy.

In my office in the Fair Oaks Village I help people weave the creativity of their right brain with the thinking of their left brain to lead more creative, healthy, and balanced lives. As a trainer, I teach other therapists to be bold and creative in their approaches with clients.

In individual therapy, I help my clients with a variety of issues like grief and loss, anxiety, trauma, depression, and adjustments to life changing events by being compassionate, honest and direct. I’ve been working with pre-teens, teens, adults, and couples for almost 20 years. I find that combining work with the creative brain and the thinking brain makes a perfect match to help the deep discovery of new solutions.

The studio is filled with materials that encourage your expressive journey. Creativity does not take any special skills or talents. I welcome you to come embrace your dreams and experience YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY.