Dream Patterning

dreampatterningheaderbluebedDream Patterning is a special personal and collective relationship with the dream time. When we pay close attention to our dreams we honor material that is not available to us in our waking lives. Our dreams speak to us in movie like images that can bring great meaning and healing. Dreams are especially helpful when we are experiencing important transitions and transformations in our lives.

I work with both individuals and groups in tending their personal dreams. In these sessions I help people learn how to work with their dreams and be open to the unique wisdom presented. There special skills that help invite the dreamtime images into our lives as guides and healers. The wisdom and clarity with which dreams speak to us is incredible once we learn how to translate the information.

If you choose to open to your dreams I will help you:
• To remember and incubate your dreams
• To work with the images and symbols that present
• To use dream images as personal and healing guides
• To bring the unconscious material to your conscious life
• To use your dreams both personally and collectively

Working with your dreams can be a deeply enriching experience. I invite you to come and discover this special language that we all speak called dreams. Each one of us speaks our own unique version after all they are our dreams. Let me help you unlock the door to your dreamtime.

I am a Dream Pattern Analyst and Archetypal Pattern Analyst, receiving training from Dr. Michael Conforti, Jungian Analyst. Founder and director of the Assisi Institute. Based on the work of C. G. Jung.