Individual Therapy

individualtherapypageheadthewallI combine talk therapy with expressive art therapies. Individuals make choices of just how they want their sessions to look and feel like.

I work with teens, adults, and families. For anyone who is in that place in life where the question is “What’s Next?” and seeks to find thoughtful and creative solutions to their unique situation. By using talk, art and dreams, we actively integrate both sides of the brain, thus making the body/mind connection. This allows us to access all the available information in making decisions. We engage our creative side to assist us in decision-making. This provides new skills or lets old one reappear to provide a sense of renewed hope for our lives.

I use an integrative approach because it combines the left thinking brain with the right creative brain. By using the two different sides of our brain new information will emerge that may have been previously unknown to an individual. Integrating thinking and creativity utilizes the mind/body connection as we are making life-changing decisions. The creative brain comes up with information to help us on our path that would otherwise go unnoticed by our thinking brain. The thinking brain uses reasoning skills, personal information and past situations — just to name a few — as it comes up with solutions. Integration is important because by accessing all the available information we come up with a plan that incorporates all of who we are as individuals. Integrating thinking and creativity honors our individuality as we travel our life path.

A typical 50 minute session includes:

• Talking about what issues/feelings you are bringing to the session.

• After talking, and with your agreement, we move to an
expressive activity to uncover new information.

• We close by discussing what was learned to help integrate
the process and uncover unique solutions to your unique issues.

• No special art, talent or experience is necessary.